Barg Harir yazd Coop
Barg Harir Yazd is a family-owned manufacturing company that was established in 2002 in the field of
cellulosic health products manufacturing and was exploited in Yazd in 2003. The spirit of opportunism has always been and will be in the company. Growth and development are the main goals that the company has pursued in every situation. The product portfolio has expanded over the years and in addition to cellulose products, additional complmentary products have been added.
The distribution network has been modernized and expanded.  R & D is always part of the company plans specially  for the production of modern products in different dimensions and packaging. Founders of Barg Hariri Yazd Company are enthusiastic about promoting individual health. The company products include all types of tissue paper, sanitary napkin, towel and toilet paper, garbage  and freezer bags. Two important values are observed in all products of the company:High quality and the use of update technology.


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